Hi. I’m Alex, LANX’s Warehouse & Shop Manager.

If you’ve visited the shop over the last 18 months then you may recognise me - granted, most of that time I’ve had a mask covering my face. I thought it was about time I told you a little bit about myself, especially since I was likely the person that got the shoes you ordered in to their boxes and handed them over to the postman. If you’re interested, then I am flattered.

In short: I love music, I like oat milk in my coffee, I drink my Disaronno on ice, and unlike the rest of the team here at LANX I don’t support a football club. If any of those things disagree with you, then I sincerely apologise.

I grew up in Burnley. I may have already lost a few readers by saying that so I’ll move swiftly on. It was (and still is) an area surrounded with a rich history of industry and trade, in fact there are two old cotton factories a stone’s throw from my house. Since I was little there has always been a sense of workmanship and industry in the back of my mind - granted, it wasn’t me spinning cotton, but the sentiment was there. I know Lancashire has a rich history of invention and design and I am now proud to be working at LANX, a company that is striving to continue this tradition.  

“Proper” footwear wasn’t really a massive part of my childhood (controversial, I know). Most of my friends growing up craved the latest football boots and the trendiest shoes, but easy going Alex wasn’t really absorbed by this same sense of urgency and desperation. I was more the type of chap that would find a pair of shoes that I really loved and I’d wear that and nothing else until it was time to throw them in the bin and start all over again. Looking back, my brother probably had the most influence on the shoes I wore. This was back before the time of scrolling through Instagram and seeing what the rest of the world was wearing, but more based on what your family and friends were wearing. I tended to wear footwear associated with skating; brands like VansAirwalk and Vision. Not practical shoes by any means as I didn’t own a skateboard, but if my brother wore them then I’d ask my mum for a pair as well.



My working life, prior to LANX, has largely been based around the Hospitality sector, working in hotels around Lancashire. Being a Hotel supervisor made me understand the importance of dressing smart and looking the part. It also made me appreciate a proper pair of shoes, as I’d be running around like a headless chicken 13 hours a day for wedding guests.

My last job before LANX was at Mitton Hall - a 4 star hotel just outside of Whalley. Suddenly the £50 pair of plain, black, leather shoes I had been wearing as my work shoes just didn’t look the part anymore and I needed something with a bit more about it. I was surrounded by wedding guests mostly wearing leather brogues and I began to pick up on the various styles, materials and ways they were burnished.


I was getting through shoes like there was no tomorrow. I remember one day before work I was tying my laces on a new pair of brogues and the laces and eyelets snapped clean off. I needed a proper pair of shoes and by luck they fell in to my lap (or on my feet!). It was actually around this time that I met my now girlfriend, who was also working part-time at LANX. One day she came bursting in to the staff room at Mitton Hall holding a LANX shoe box. She had bought me a pair of Shireburn Black Oxfords. They fit like a glove, and I knew then that I had found a brand with shoes that are built to last. Shortly after this, I met Marv (LANX Founder) at the LANX shop launch event in November 2019. It was perfectly timed as he was looking for someone to manage the new Warehouse and Shop. The rest is history.


As you can imagine I have increased my LANX collection to include several pairs, but I still actually have the Shireburn Black shoes which are brought out every now and again for special occasions. My current favourite LANX styles are the Tasker Coach boots and the Charlie Mole sneakers. The sneakers see more daylight than the boots at the moment, mainly as I have barely worn a smart pair of trousers in the last 12 months.


I spend most of my working day in the LANX warehouse, but when I do venture upstairs to the office I get to see all of the new sample footwear that Matt (LANX Head of Design) has been working on. At the moment there are lots of very exciting designs and samples covering the walls, including a few customer favourites being re-introduced in the coming months and throughout this year. We’ve also got a load of new women’s styles that we’re really excited to show you all. Any samples that we make that don’t make the final cut into full production get added to our ‘Batches’ pages on the website, so keep your eyes on these pages for one of a kind styles.

My job at the minute is making sure all of your orders make it to you on time. That’s everything from printing out your postage label, to finding your shoes in the warehouse and sealing them in their mailing bags, to finally handing them to our friendly Royal Mail driver who takes it from there. Oh, and I’m also the pair of ankles that is wearing all of men’s shoes on the website. Part time warehouse manager, part time foot model, part time customer service - I’ve got it covered.

And that’s you just about up to speed with me, and if you’ve read this far then I really appreciate it. If you want to know more about me or have any sizing or shipping questions, I’d be happy to chat over on

Have a great rest of your day.