Instead of concentrating on this World Cup I decided to note down some of my memories from each of the last World Cups (in my lifetime of me remembering stuff). I was a bit too young to remember Gazza and them tears, so my first Proper World Cup was USA 94, which was an absolute belter, wouldn’t you agree!? The Irish beating the Italians, Jack Charlton getting angry, Dunga (what a name!), that sublime USA kit, Maradona gurning, and Gianluca Pagliuca kissing the post. Take me back to them Proper football days when players didn't have designer wash bags! Dam I got carried away, here are my picks from the last 6 tournaments...

1994 - USA
Roberto Baggio
What a player. What a tournament he had. What an ending to the tournament. Every time he got the ball he looked dangerous. Think he scored 17 last minute winners? He seemed to dribble past 48 players every time he scored, all from impossible angles. Then he went and missed that penalty! Anyone else think about growing a pony-tail??

1998 - France
Samba v Haggis
No idea why but for some reason I always remember World Cup 98 for the opening match, Brazil v the Scots. It wasn’t even the best match, in what was a fantastic tournament. I remember this match above others as it was the first time I’d noticed 2 completely different styles of players and teams. Before this match I just thought all football was the same. The Brazilians with their samba free-flowing footy, and the Scots with their hard, no-nonsense approach. Yellow v Dark Blue. Ronaldo v Hendry. Rivaldo v Calderwood. Denilson v Collins. Scots gave them a dam good game but went down 2-1.

2002 – Japan & South Korea
Beckham’s Penalty
A great English sporting moment. Our boys beating the Argies after they’d cheated Beckham and us fans out of the 1998 World Cup! Nothing better than seeing Becks stick one in the back of the net and running away to celebrate. Great moment. Anyone else dye a blonde streak down the middle of their head? Guilty.

2006 - Germany
That headbutt
One of the greatest players of all time head butting a tall lanky Italian. Shocking. Bizarre. Odd. Spilt a hot cup of coffee all over me. 

2010 – South Africa
Loud noises
A truly awful World Cup. Crap final. Let me know if I missed anything. Actually don't.

2014 – Brazil
Germany bending Brazil over
"They’ve scored again!". I actually felt like crying for the Brazilian players. If England weren’t going to win it I think we’d all agree we’d liked to have seen the Brazilians win on home soil. They would have been immortal Gods for eternity. Instead a lifetime of humiliation for all 11 Brazilian players. 

There we have it. My World Cup memories. Let me know your thoughts. Do you agree on all of them? If you strongly disagree let me know and we can discuss it like 2 civilised men on horseback. Seriously though, let me know what you think. Comment on the Facebook post, DM me on my Instagram @MarvCreative or drop me an email. 

Tell you what, let’s do a competition… Post your favourite World Cup memory on the same LANX Facebook page World Cup post (in the comments section). The comment with the most likes gets a £100 LANX Gift Card, which can be used to purchase a pair of Proper Shoes. Winner announced Sunday 1 July.

Good luck and lets hope this World Cup serves up some great moments, and that them Russian thugs don't give our Barmy Army too much of a kicking in the streets of Moscow!