A few months ago we were invited to Sweden by a chap called Lars. He said "Halla LANX, you should come to a Swedish trade show, stay in a prison, meet blonde ladies and drink Swedish beer". We said "good idea". 

Basically we are off to the Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair in Stockholm to promote our Spring Summer 2019 range. Whilst in the city we plan to do some "sightseeing" and gather some creative ideas for our Spring Summer 2020 range, which we are about to start designing. On Lars's recommendation we booked an odd looking hotel that used to be a prison and he knows all the best places for rare Swedish beers, so that should be interesting. Follow the LANX Instagram and Facebook story Tuesday-Friday this coming week for regular updates.

If you don't know already, each range of LANX shoes is inspired by an overseas adventure, it's where we get our "international influence" from. Our current AW18 collection of shoes was inspired by a trip to Asia, our SS19 collection New York, the AW19 collection Berlin. On our return from each trip away we combine our fresh international findings with the best of Lancashire and Britain, this creates the unique LANX design DNA.

Anyone been to Stockholm before? If so drop us an email and let us know what to do and where to visit. 

Cheers, Marv.



Last week we held a private invite only event at our Warehouse Shop in Whalley, Lancashire, for the first 100 LANX customers. We showed those attending some of the latest designs and samples we have been creating for next year. It was great to get such constructive feedback from people who have been wearing and testing LANX shoes. 

Over the past few months since we launched we have had some great reviews on our website and Facebook. If you are thinking about buying a pair of Proper Shoes then click on the links and see what others have to say.