LANX is looking to partner with barber shops up and down the UK to help promote our Proper Shoes.

Whilst customers are inside your shop waiting to be served it is a great opportunity to do some soft selling and earn yourself a free pair of LANX shoes, or a financial kick-back.

How it works...
  1. We send you some LANX shoes, point of sale (POS) and fliers
  2. You display the shoes and POS in your shop and give each customer a flier
  3. On the fliers is a unique code (connected to your shop) which allows your customers to get a exclusive offer via the LANX website
  4. Every time your unique code is used we will know it has come directly via your shop, so in return we will give you a financial kick back or credit towards a free pair of LANX shoes for yourself
For more information and to register your interest please email us via the contact page.