Proper Packaging

We spent months designing and sampling the LANX packaging, in truth we probably spent too much time on it, however the results are better than a Paolo Di Canio scissor kick. Each shoe order arrives in a smart briefcase themed shoe box, shoe paper and a few freebies. If you can find better packaging on the market we'll drop our trousers on the town hall steps.

We like to do our bit...

By “bit” we mean doing what we can (here and there) to saving this mad fooked up planet we live on. We decided our bit would be to purchase recyclable packaging, where possible and for whatever the cost. The LANX shoe box, freebies inside and our mailing bags are all environment friendly.

Unfortunately doing our bit also means we have to stump up more cash (about double!) for all these items, but we think it’s worth it. She may be biased but Marv's nan, Margaret, reckons our boxes and bags are "much nicer than the fancy multi-coloured packaging you see those modern folk with these days". We agree!

The only non-recyclable part of our packaging is the small plastic box handle, however we are working on this with our supplier. If you spot anything else we do that doesn’t look friendly to the environment or you think we could improve other areas of our business please do contact us, we are always looking for ways to improve.