I shouldn’t be telling you this...

but I’m an honest lad, so here it goes... In 2016 I didn’t know how to make a shoe. My name is Marv and I am the Founder of LANX. On 26th July 2016 I received a letter which inspired me to roll up my sleeves, pack my bags and set off on a 6 month adventure. The purpose of the adventure was to have the best time of my life and to learn everything I could about making Proper Shoes.

I wrestled with...

sumos in Japan, chatted with monks in Cambodia and trekked the Great Wall of China. In all I visited 10 countries, met some fascinating people and picked up countless shoe industry secrets along the way. Most of the shoemakers I visited were still manufacturing by hand, a pre-historic skill almost extinct in the UK today. The look, smell and sound of a small workshop in Sri Lanka or a mega factory in Vietnam was inspiring and left a lasting impression on me.

Why Asia?

It’s simple really; I’d always wanted to go, the sun always shines, the beers always cheap and most of the worlds shoes are made there. Therefore I figured that’s where I’ll meet some of the best in the business. I returned home in March 2017 and after a quick beer with my mates I immediately set about creating my own unique shoes, using the skills I had learnt from the 10 countries and countless people I had met during my adventure.

LANX shoes are inspired by...

my home (Lancashire, England) and the places and people I meet on my adventures. When you wear LANX shoes you should know... Our footwear is quality, prepare for an adventure, expect the best nights of your life.


Sole Purpose is a 112 page book which documents my 6 month shoe adventure. The book captures the essence of my trip, which during its course helped inspire the creation of LANX.