Taking care of your LANX shoes


Shoes are like cars, if you give them the correct attention and maintenance they look great, stay on the road and provide you with many years of good service. Below you will find information about how to look after your shoes, boots and sneakers. If instead you would like to book a shoe sole repair service you'll find information on how to do that lower down this page.

We divert all our shoe care product enquiries to Shoe String, who are a independent UK business located in Market Harborough, England. They are experts in this field and best equipped to answer questions about shoe care and advise the correct products for your shoes. We highly recommend the extensive range of quality products offered by Shoe String. The "Shoe Care Gurus" can be contacted Monday-Fri, 9am-5pm, on either or via 01858 438254. You can also visit their website When you do contact them please make them aware of the style of LANX shoes you have and the leather the shoe is made from, details of which can be found on the specific product page. To get 10% off with Shoe Care use code VDB10 during checkout on their website.

Additionally, your friendly and often very helpful local cobblers shop should also be able to assist with all sorts of shoe care, repair and alteration requirements. To find your local cobblers please visit the Society of Master Shoe Repairers website... You can email them on, or call 01858438255.

Customers are kindly asked to try on your new shoes for the first time with a shoe horn and on a carpet. This is so you protect the heel and don’t scuff the bottom of the soles on a hard surface. If for any reason you need to return or exchange your shoes, they will need to be returned to us in a resalable condition, which requires the heel not to be damaged and the sole of the shoes not to be scuffed.

We use good quality materials in the production of our shoes, so this means your new shoes will take a little time wearing in and getting used to the shape of your feet. Almost every single pair of shoes needs to be broken in before they can be comfortably worn for a decent length of time. Not all feet are made the same, so it makes sense that shoes need to adapt slightly before they perfectly suit the foot of its wearer.

We suggest you wear some thick proper socks the first few times you wear LANX shoes, also wear them around the house and on short outings before taking them out on an all-dayer at the Grand National.

We highly recommend the use of shoe trees, when you are not wearing your LANX shoes. A shoe tree is a device approximating the shape of a foot that is placed inside a shoe to preserve its shape, stop it from developing creases and thereby extend the life of the shoe. You can buy a variety of different shoe trees online via eBay or Amazon.

We recommend the use of shoe care products on all our footwear. Please take time to ensure you select the correct care product which matches the material/s used in the construction of your shoes.

Our shoes are a natural leather product, due to this please expect some slight colour migration during wear. Regular cleaning and polishing of your shoes will maintain the suppleness of the leathers and enhance their good looks.

Suitable products can waterproof and weather protect your shoes. Please don’t wear your shoes in the rain until they have been worn 3 or 4 times. If you do get them wet remember to use shoe-trees and let them dry naturally at room temperature for about 2-3 days. Do not dry near the oven, open fire or radiator. As the leather dries it can adopt odd shapes if they aren’t in shoe-trees. Wet sole leather wears out twice as quickly so the drying period is important.

In order to protect the leather and provide a high shine finish, leather uppers require regular treatment with a good quality wax cream. For black shoes it’s fine to use a black wax or cream. For coloured shoes a clear or neutral wax or cream will avoid altering the colour and finish of the shoes. Before application of any product shoes should be dry.

Before wearing suede or nubuck shoes for the first time, apply a protective spray to protect them from any stains or water. You should always give them a good brush before and after using the spray. You’ll only need to do this every so often to keep up the resistance. If you get a small stain or mark on them, use a suede/ nubuck eraser to rub out the stain. If you get mud on them, let them dry overnight before brushing them off with a suede brush.

Distressed Leather behaves more like a suede, so polishing them with a gloss or high shine polish isn’t recommended. If you were going to polish them, we would recommend using clear or neutral creams. We would suggest that if you did need to clean them to use a multi-clean or a combi-clean once any dirt has been removed.

We do think that distressed leather should be left to get a little bit weathered as it adds to the distressed effect of the leather, and to only clean them when absolutely necessary.

You could also protect the leather further with a weather protect spray, which will prolong the life of your footwear.

In terms of keeping them looking good, we would recommend using a clear polish or cream to keep from discolouring the leather.

You can also use the natural oils in the leather to remove any scuffs by massaging the affected areas with a soft cloth in a circular motion.

We would also recommend using an aqua-phobic spray to keep them weather protected.

Used in our Charles F Stead collab range, is relatively easy to look after. It is a waxed suede, so where you scuff or scratch the wax you will see the underlying colour (the lighter the base colour, the more obvious this is), however the wax finish can be easily recovered. Unlike a grain leather where if you scuff or scratch the grain it can be permanently damaged, with a waterproof waxed suede like this you can use a brush to remove any dried dirt and then re-apply a natural waterproof wax. We recommend Mountval B-Wax which is a waterproof beeswax-based wax applied which can be applied with a cloth.

This Charles F Stead leather provides a wonderful depth of colour and burnishes magnificently by trapping a layer of wax between the natural antiquing and our regular aniline top finish. The glossier finish makes the leather particularly suitable for footwear. The nature of this leather means it marks easily, however we believe this ads further charm to the boots over time. In terms of cleaning, gently remove loose dirt once dry with a dry cloth or soft brush. If wet, allow the leather to dry in a well ventilated location at ambient temperature. Polish with a natural wax, dubbin or Venetian cream.

Clean away dirt using a damp cloth and allow it to dry, and apply either neutral or black wax polish as appropriate. Buff vigorously to desired shine.

We advise customers to rotate their footwear and avoid wearing back to back days to allow the leather linings to dry naturally. Where possible, use a shoe tree to help maintain the shape of the footwear they have purchased.

For Calf leathers – we use Famaco neutral polish applied with a soft cloth and then brushed with a good quality shoe brush, and allow to naturally dry.

For Grained/ Odyssey leathers – we also use Famaco neutral polish but take care to apply to the valleys of the grain and not just the top finish. Brush to shine.

After all processes, please allow to dry naturally.


If you need the soles of your footwear repairing please get in touch with LANX and we will do our best to help or advise you.

We can assist with all types of sole repairs, both men's and ladies. Please email us photos of your shoes and we will recommend the best solution for you.

Please email with photos and a member of our team will get back to you asap.

Guide Prices

  1. Shoe and boot sole repair, cemented and Blake stitch: £60
  2. Shoe and boot resoling, Goodyear welted: £90
  3. Shoe & boot heel repair: £30

*Prices quoted include return postage for UK customers. Overseas customers will be quoted separate for the service they require.

Once a member of the LANX team has confirmed the sole repair service you require you can book and pay here.


Repaired shoes can take up to 14-21 days to process and be returned back to UK customers. Overseas customers should expect 21-28 days.