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Lily France

Summer is coming to an end and our women’s AW21 collection of shoes and boots is all re-stocked and ready for the change in season. We thought it fitting to dedicate this month’s Proper People instalment to LANX customer-turned-stylist, Lily France. Knitwear designer, model and early days LANX fan.

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Robyn Isherwood

 Hello all and welcome to another instalment of our Proper People blog. This month we have decided to feature Ribble Valley native, Robyn Isherwood. Event consultant, festival director and LANX boot wearer. July has been a promising month here at LANX. As I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s been a welcome sight to see lockdown restrictions ease and the UK at last opening back up. The sun has graced us with its presence and the LANX Shoe Shed has had a busy July travelling up and down the country to various events and festivals, meeting customers old and new. Life almost feels, dare we say it, “normal”. A year ago, however, this was a very different case… Rewind to July 2020:...

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Proper People - Great North Pie Co

This month, we have decided to feature a brand called Great North Pie Co (GNPC), who we consider very great indeed. The perceptive reader amongst you may have figured out that this company specialises in pies, and they have been keeping bellies full for the past few years. 

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Proper People - British Millerain

Our blog this week will be about the textile company, British Millerain. For those of you who are not sure who/what British Millerain is/are, they are a textile company now based in Rochdale, Lancashire who are the original manufacturer of waxed cotton from all the way back in 1880. 

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