Long-term, die hard, LANX fans may remember our Proper People features a few years ago. Likelihood is you’ve slept since then or joined us more recently, so here’s a reintroduction…

We’re a bunch of Proper People here at LANX HQ and we’d like to shine a spotlight on fellow good’ens in the local area. Interesting people doing interesting things! If they’re Lancashire based, even better, but we might stray to Cumbria or Yorkshire on the odd occasion.

Kate Illustrate

For 2024’s first installment we didn’t stray very far from Whalley basecamp at all, as Kate Illustrate is based here in the Ribble Valley. In short, Kate is a talented artist who applies her illustration and calligraphy skills to all manner of different mediums, from murals to menus and stationery to shoes.

What started as an art student’s hobby quickly became a flourishing (pardon the pun) calligraphy business. Like with all businesses borne from a hobby, the love for her work is apparent - it might feel more work than fun sometimes, but it’s clear that the enjoyment is still very much there. When it still feels fun 7 years later, you know you’re on the right track.

Kate’s student side-hustle has since evolved to include workshops, subscription services, wedding designs, commercial murals and more. Making things pretty and teaching you how to do the same, essentially. If you’re local to Clitheroe, chances are you’ve seen her work on the walls and windows of your favourite haunts. The calligraphy-influenced artwork is instantly recognisable.

Personalised shoe painting

Kate takes paintbrush to shoe with no hesitation, in the manner of someone who has done this once or twice before. She knows the drill! Florals are Kate’s signature design so it had to be a Lancashire rose. Many of our boots and sneakers can be painted, but the smooth leather and clean style of Dinckley Black works particularly well. We’d like to think boots are a special enough gift as is (for others or yourself), but can’t deny that they’re a little bit more special with personalised artwork on the sides. Floral boots for a wedding, anyone?


If painted shoes take your fancy, order a fresh pair of LANX and reach out to us at hello@lanxshoes.com to arrange. We’d recommend trying on your shoes first, as once they’re painted on, they obviously can’t be returned. Be sure to share a photo of the finished article - we’d love to see those boots used as an artist’s canvas!

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