The other day I delivered a pair of Proper Shoes to a Mr Walmsley at The Freemasons Pub in Wiswell. His Mrs had purchased the shoes via our website and requested they be delivered by our world famous Ribble Valley Rocket. I thought to myself "Wiswell, that ain't too far, I, go on then." So I let Mrs Walmsley know i'd be there at 1pm sharp, and that she should have a cold beer awaiting my arrival (not actually thinking she would have a cold beer awaiting my arrival). Turns out the tricycle ride to Wiswell was a lot harder and more up-fukin-hill than I had anticipated, I got a proper swet on I tell thee. When I did eventually turn up it was a good job Mrs Walmsley had that cold beer ready and waiting, tasted like sweet nectar.

This kind gesture by Mrs Walmsley at The Freemasons got me thinking, should all LANX customers buy me a beer when their shoes arrive, or at least owe me a beer which I can then request on any given day of my choosing? Would this be a fair request? Sounds like a good idea to me! Drop me an email and let me know what you think. Or make a vote in our latest Facebook page poll.

Cheers, Marv.

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