LANX works with small independent suppliers and shoemakers to produce a varied range of highly quality formal and casual footwear. We work with different shoemakers so that we can source the very best craftsmanship for each specific style of footwear we produce.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 we have found it imperative to source footwear, leather and components from a variety of suppliers both in the UK and overseas. The reason for this is to maintain supply of materials and footwear all year round. When one of our partners (or a whole country) has to suddenly stop production we can shift sourcing to another location. Without the supply of continuous materials and footwear our business will cease to exist. Working in this manner allows us to maintain production, a steady flow of income and most importantly save jobs.

LANX is still a young company, having only launched in 2018, however we have aspirations to build our own Lancashire based shoe factory. With the help of our followers we hope to invest in our own factory and create more jobs in Lancashire. Would you like to support our vision? If so please sign up to our Crowdfunding campaign for further details on how you can support the LANX shoe factory project.


We are delighted to work with and support one of the last remaining shoe factories in Lancashire. They are family owned with over 60 years footwear making experience. The factory meets all UK trading standards.


Despite the long history of county rivalry we are very pleased to work with our partner shoe factory in Yorkshire. They have over 70 years footwear making experience. The factory meets all UK trading standards.


Our partner shoemakers in Northamptonshire have been making shoes for over 100 years. We work with this factory to source Goodyear Welted constructed footwear. The factory meets all UK trading standards.


Located in the beautiful rural suburbs of Porto we are delighted to work with a small family owned shoe factory with over 50 years of manufacturing pedigree. Porto is the traditional hub of Portuguese shoe manufacturing and home to some of the best producers of footwear in the world. The factory meets all UK trading standards.


Our partner factory in India has over 60 years of footwear manufacturing experience. They are a small family owned business with a proud history of supplying footwear to many leading UK, US and European brands. We have a superb relationship with the factory owner who studied at the University of Manchester. The factory meets all UK trading standards.


To learn more about where each of our collections are made please use the link below.