UK - US - EU
6 - 7 - 40
7 - 8 - 41
8 - 9 - 42
9 - 10 - 43
10 - 11 - 44
11 - 12 - 45
12 - 13 - 46
All LANX footwear sizes are based on a standard UK fit. Some customers are finding the fit of our footwear slightly spacious, therefore if you are usually a size 9.5 UK you should buy a LANX size 9 UK. We offer free UK exchanges, so if you want to try on another size or you'd prefer another colour just send your shoes back and we will post you an exchange pair FOC.
All our socks are designed to fit men sized 7-11 UK, 8-12 US and 41-45 EU. 

Each LANX style is produced on a particular three dimensional 'last' which gives it its distinctive shape and feel. These are...

This is our most commonly used last on the LANX AW18 styles. LX1966 creates a beautiful modern shape of shoe which has both roundness and sharpness in its form. If you are looking for a shoe shape which is suitable to work hard and play hard in LX1966 is the last shape for you.

This last is used on both the Finney and Beaumont styles in the AW18 range. LX1995 creates a much more rounded shoe, perhaps a more traditional shape compared to LX1966. LX1995 is a very British last shape and commonly used by the long established shoe companies based in Northamptonshire. If you prefer a more traditional and sophisticated shoe shape LX1995 is your best bet.

This last is used on our Park boot in the AW18 range. LX2003 has similarities to both LX1966 & LX1995, however it has its own confident features which create a beautiful boot shape. If you are after a boot which looks good morning, noon and night, LX2003 is the last shape for you.

What is a "shoe last"?
A shoe last (see photo below) is a 3-dimensional wooden or plastic mold upon which a shoe is constructed. The last used during shoe assembly can affect the overall fit of a shoe, and all lasts include the following dimensions: Heel width, instep height, forefoot width.