From time to time we release very limited runs of our boots, brogues and sneakers. We've decided to name these small runs... "Batches".

Batches are only made in runs of between 1 - 10 pairs. We make a few pairs, sell them and don't make any more. Once they are gone, they are gone. If you manage to grab a pair you can guarantee you're part of a very small club and highly unlikely to bump in to anyone else on the planet wearing the exact same pair.

Why do we make batches in such small numbers? There are a few reasons we do this...

  1. Limited edition: Some of our customers like to own exclusive LANX products and we like to provide this service. Therefore, we will intentionally only release very small numbers.
  2. Spare material: Quite often our partner suppliers will contact us and let us know about some left over or rare material they have at their disposal. If we think the colour is a winner we will purchase the material, create styles we think suit and release them in to our Batches collection.
  3. Photoshoot Shoes: From time-to-time we get asked to supply unique shoes for music videos or fashion photo shoots. After they have been used they get sent back to LANX and usually have small scuffs on the sole, so we add these to the Batches collection.
  4. Samples: When developing our seasonal ranges we manufacture many samples. After much deliberation we decide that certain styles should not be made in larger quantities. Some samples look similar to our final products already on the website but may have a small design difference, for example; an extra eyelet, modified last, additional heel tab or a slightly different shade of leather. These samples will be released in to our Batches collection. 

Below are some of the Batches styles we have released in the past and won't be making again. Sorry if you missed out. If you happen to be wearing a pair, cheers for buying.

To view our men's Batches collection click here. To view our women's Batches collection click here.

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