Proper Socks | Made in England

Proper Socks | Made in England

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We recently visited our partner sock factory to catch up with Neil and his team of passionate sock makers. 

His small, family-run business has been making the best socks in the world (in ours and many LANX customers' opinion) for over 100 years. When we say "Proper Socks", we mean it.

If you've been making socks for over 100 years the chances are you know what you're doing. That's why Neil and his team just make socks, nothing else, they keep things simple and traditional. No fancy robots making these socks, just a team of skilled, friendly and dedicated men and women, plus a handful of pre-historic sock making machines.

Neil is a proud sock maker. He is a 4th generation descendant of the original factory owners and he takes great pride in making socks for LANX. It was the first time we'd been back to see Neil since LANX had launched in 2018 and he was delighted to catch up. He thanked us for giving him repeat orders throughout the year and supporting his business, a business which provides jobs for many people living in the same village as the factory. Neil loves his cricket and was pleased to see us partner with Lancashire cricket last year.

Sock factories are loud and busy places. There tends to be someone darting past to fix a machine, or someone juggling a tray of brews, or pieces of machinery and thread running past the top of your head. We have tried to capture the sounds and atmosphere of the sock factory in our behind the scenes video at the top of this blog post.

To view our range of made in England socks please click here.

Below are just a few of the positive reviews left by LANX customers about our socks...

Cathryn P - 14/09/20
These socks are excellent quality, lovely and soft to touch which makes them comfortable to wear and an amazing colour!!

Matthew B - 14/05/20
Recommended. I buy myself a pair of LANX socks each month and am never disappointed. This pair is striking in appearance with the two colours being an effective contrast between a 'rural' green and a 'modern' bright orange.

Hazel S - 11/08/20
Good socks. Love the ability to mix and match colours and styles. Bought three pairs of dress socks and they are very fine to wear with dress shoes.

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