LANX is proud to be working with long standing British leather supplier Charles F Stead & Co as part of our Autumn Winter 2020 range.

We have released 3 new styles; a boot, brogue and sneaker, all handmade in England with Blake stitch construction. Each of these 3 styles are available in 5 colours, making the collection 15 pieces in total. We have committed to making a very limited quantity in each style.

From their factory in Leeds, Yorkshire, "Steads" have been producing the highest quality suede and leather since the 1890’s and are one of the last remaining tanneries in England.

They use a mixture of old and new machinery to achieve their desired high standards of tanning leather. Mostly using British leather, the process starts by soaking, liming and pickling the leather until they get what they call "wet blue". Then, going through numerous processes the leather is tanned in large drums and then hung over "horses" before being dried. 

We have selected to work with Stead's impressive Waxy Commander leather, which has a very rugged, distressed character. The nature of this leather means it marks easily, however we believe this ads further charm to the shoes over time.

Steads have used their original tannage which is designed to shrink the fibre structure by up to 25%. This creates a unique appearance after impregnation with their own blend of waxes.

The tight fibre structure prevents any stretching over the toe. Steads traditional rich dyeings work with the waxes during wear to produce a wonderful combination of natural texture and colour. Fully waterproof and Gore-Tex compatible.

The new boots are built on our LX-T last, which is the same fit as our popular Bayley boot. Customers tend to go down rather than up in our LX-T boot last. The brogues are built on LX-B last, which is the same last as our popular Hopkins brogue. Customers tend to go down rather than up in our LX-B boot last. The sneakers are built on our LX-V last, which is the same fit as our popular Ancoats sneakers. Customers tend to go up rather than down in our LX-V sneaker last. If you need any further sizing help please click here or email  

Waxy Commander is relatively easy to look after. It is a waxed suede, so where you scuff or scratch the wax you will see the underlying colour (the lighter the base colour, the more obvious this is), however the wax finish can be easily recovered. Unlike a grain leather where if you scuff or scratch the grain it can be permanently damaged, with a waterproof waxed suede like this you can use a brush to remove any dried dirt and then re-apply a natural waterproof wax. We recommend Mountval B-Wax which is a waterproof beeswax-based wax applied which can be applied with a cloth.



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