When LANX launched back in 2018 we released a small collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts which sold out with within a few weeks. Since then we have been inundated with requests to manufacture more. However, as a new footwear brand trying to make our way in this mad world we live in we felt it best to let clothing sit on the back burner and concentrate our efforts on developing quality footwear.

The early part of lock-down gave us some time to bash some ideas around and clothing popped up again. Fast forward a few months and we are chuffed to confirm we have a new range of t-shirts and sweatshirts, all made in England and printed by Mark and his team at Stitch It in Whalley, the same Lancashire village we are located in. You can watch the garments being made here.

We have photographed the garments on a man, however we deem them as unisex. Women may find them a tad baggy, however that may suit some ladies style, your call. Worth noting that we have only manufactured a very limited number in each style and we don't plan to restock these again in 2020.

We have purposely kept the designs minimal, so they can be worn to work, down the pub, to the footy, or on a fishing trip to the Outer Hebrides. When it's warm wear the t-shirts. When it's cold wear the sweatshirts. When it's one of them days the weather cant make it's mind up (most days in Lancashire) wear the t-shirts under the sweatshirt. The choice is very much yours. 

We ain't asking Primark spondoolies, however these are quality English made garments, built to last. Buying a piece of LANX clothing supports us (a small startup business) and a whole network of companies and individuals working in the UK.
LANX clothing will launch on Saturday 10 October, when Marv gets out of bed and presses the Go Live button.

Word of warning... wearing a piece of clothing that states "LANX" on it may not be the best idea when visiting Yorkshire. LANX is not held responsible for any lost limbs or loss of life when wearing our garments in Yorkshire. 

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